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Donita's Services

Energetic Therapist

This type of energetic tHERapy concentrates primarily on challenges females encounter. Concentrated in developing a balanced chakra system, it also incorporates boundaries, balance, forgiveness, and service, in a way that works with a woman’s schedule and energy level. Understanding the shadow traits and learning how to manage and develop your saboteurs, to turn around the energy and use it for expansion.

Energetic Development Programs

There are a variety of programs offered throughout the year. They include Stacked Energy Removal, Chakra Balancing and Cleansing, Architypes/Shadow Work, Trust Building, Horoscope Therapy, and Elements and Communication.

Energetic Talk Therapy

This type of therapy is chakra based and uses a combination of chakra balancing, as well as energy reading, to target the areas of concentration with talk therapy. Using the energy information, the client is able to easily identify their blocks and elevate their energy for a balanced and productive outcome.

Workshops: What is Energy and Why Do We Need to Know About it.

Donita is available for group workshops, speaking engagements, energy education and reiki work. 

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