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Meet Donita


Donita Wheeler's remarkable story as a five-time cancer survivor and the challenges she overcame, from battling cancer to caring for her terminally ill mother-in-law, enduring economic downturns and numerous relocations, has shaped her identity to become the energetic educator she is today. 


After her initial cancer experience, Donita dedicated four years to self-discovery, seeking guidance from coaches, practicing yoga, and nurturing her spirituality, resulting in a successful realignment of her life. During this time she discovered a way of removing stacked energy from her cells. This allowed for  her ability to share the practice with others. 


Over the following five years, she thrived as a coach, captivating audiences through speaking engagements and her powerful writing, earning international recognition as a speaker and becoming a best-selling author 

while bringing peace and growth to her clients. 

Donita Wheeler finds immense joy in witnessing her clients' personal growth and transformation, as they strive to become the best versions of themselves. As an energetic educator, she imparts her wisdom on chakra energy, teaching individuals to harness and utilize their energy to create the lives they desire.


Through her guidance, Donita empowers people to understand the powerful influence of their energetic vibrations and how to align them with their intentions. By educating her clients on the principles of chakra energy and providing practical tools for its manipulation, she empowers them to navigate their lives with intention and purpose.


Donita's passion lies in helping others recognize and harness their own power, enabling them to manifest their dreams and create the life they truly want. As she continues to share her knowledge and wisdom, she remains dedicated to guiding individuals on their own unique paths of self-discovery, personal growth, and empowerment.

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