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Unleash Your Inner Energy: Achieve Chakra Balance and Manifest Abundance Workshop

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive program designed to delve deep into the workings of your chakras, release blockages, and restore harmonious energy flow. Join us for a transformative workshop where we will explore the significance of setting healthy boundaries, embracing forgiveness, aligning with your true purpose, cultivating gratitude, and experiencing the boundless power of love in every facet of your existence. Moreover, we will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to manifest abundance effortlessly into your life.


During this immersive workshop, you can expect to:


1. Discover the workings of your chakras: Gain a profound understanding of how your chakras function and the impact they have on your overall well-being. Uncover any obstacles or energy blockages that may be hindering your progress.


2. Release stacked energy and restore balance: Through an expert-led process, we will assist you in releasing the accumulated energy that has become stagnant within your chakras. Experience the revitalization of your energy centers and restore harmony and balance to your entire being.


3. Embrace healthy boundaries: Learn the art of setting boundaries that honor your personal space, needs, and values. Explore effective techniques to maintain healthy relationships and protect your energy from draining influences.


4. Embody forgiveness and gratitude: Understand the transformative power of forgiveness and its profound impact on your emotional and spiritual growth. Develop a practice of gratitude that amplifies abundance and raises your vibration to attract positivity into your life.


5. Dive into the realm of love: Explore the multifaceted nature of love and how it permeates every area of your existence. Discover how embracing love can enhance your relationships, amplify your life experiences, and bring joy and fulfillment to every moment.


6. Activate your manifesting energy: Immerse yourself in the art of manifestation and create a roadmap for effortlessly attracting abundance into your life. Tap into the universal flow of energy and learn how to align your desires with the natural rhythms of the universe.


This workshop is suitable for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual journey, heal energy imbalances, and manifest abundance. Regardless of your prior knowledge or experience, our skilled facilitators will guide you through each step, ensuring an empowering and transformative experience.


Unlock the true potential of your chakras, embrace a life filled with love and gratitude, and manifest abundance effortlessly. Reserve your spot now and embark on a soul-stirring journey towards holistic well-being and abundance!


11 weeks 

Chakra kit included

3 60 min 1:1 with Donita


Pricing: $3333 for 13 week workshop.


Full payment: $3000

Split in two: $1600 x 2

Monthly: $1111/3 mos


Private clients:


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