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Time to Break Patterns

Donita Wheeler is a pattern breaker.  She uses her understanding of energy and chakras to analyze and break patterns that are keeping you from being the best version of yourself.

After surviving multiple cancer battles, she understood she was called to use her talents to help others to recognize the patterns that are destroying their ability to thrive.


It is an unique and fully supportive approach to the traditional counseling, using energy, chakra, and patterns to break free of the things that hold you back in life.

Available to you are 30 min phone sessions (zoom) designed to be easy, painless and result in quick action. 

It’s time to break free and be the best YOU there has ever been!

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Call for Your First Free Discovery Session

There is no obligation past the free discovery call.  Package deals available.
25% off all package deals until 1/31/2023

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