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Who is SPOT Art?

Donita Wheeler is S.P.O.T. art!  Who is Donita Wheeler?  Donita has many titles but the most important one is artist!


S.P.O.T. art stands for Special Piece Of Trust.  


Why ?  Because she uses her artistic talents to make special pieces for each client.  The client TRUSTS her with creating that very unique piece.

After surviving multiple battles, she understood she was called to use her creative talents to help others tell their beautiful unique story through their very own art pieces.


She channels the inner artist who created copper jewelry in 4th grade to share her artistry through multi-media paintings and thousand-dollar mosaics today. Every piece is a result of talent, heart and pure joy – joy Donita hopes to share in her work and her creative spiri-tude.


It is Donita’s mission to create personal art pieces of one’s own heart journey. A survivor’s one-of-a-kind         Art. Donita personalizes each creation using her own unique creative process. Taking 6 months or more to complete, each            .  Art is a piece of a lifetime, beautifully documenting the survivor within.

[Original size] Art_edited.png
[Original size] Art_edited.png
Untitled design-42.png

Individual SPOT Art for Your Heart

What is SPOT art? Working together we use various creative mediums to document and create your personal story.
Special Pieces of TRUST