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Find energetic balance
for a more joyful life.

You Can Break Your Patterns.

This is where you will learn to understand energy and how it works in your patterns. 

It’s where you begin taking control of your life. 


Begin your journey with energy education by addressing stacked energy in  your patterns. 


The energy education journey begins now, followed by action, witnessing the transformation and finally implementing your way to a life where you are the driver AND in the driver’s seat.

Do This For You.


Recognize your patterns

Break unproductive patterns, enhance the productive ones, and create positive change through guided one-on-one energetic work.


Dissect Your Patterns

Uncover and analyze your energetic patterns, reflecting on recurring themes and influences. Let the magic of dissecting begin.


Change Your Patterns

Remove stacked energy and reshape patterns for personal growth and positive change through guided energetic work.

I get it.

You know that one thing you keep doing over and over again that doesn’t work for you at all. That’s an energetic pattern. You can break those patterns that don’t work for you and you can enhance the patterns that do work for you.

Over 20 years of studying, doing, trying, trying again and succeeding has led me to being able to guide clients through their patterns that don’t work by addressing the energy behind the patterns. 


"Donita is continuously checking in with me. She's always in my space, even though we're in different states. She doesn't limit her guidance to just during our sessions; it feels like she's guiding me throughout the entire day to help me break unhealthy patterns."

- Kristina Sjolund


"Something happened between the first and third sessions when I was going through the exercises, and this particular ritual dug deep into my life. After a session with her, I always feel a release of negativity. A relief."

- Wonderful Morrison

Here's How it Works


Let Go

Life happens. Time keeps going and before we know it we are living a life we don’t recognize.  You’ve tried everything and still feel heavy.  Repeating the same patterns (habits) with the same results?  Let’s change that, transform, release and break those patterns that aren’t serving you so you can be the BEST you!


Schedule a Call

Donita will call you on the phone.  Like an old fashioned phone call, voice only, it’s part of her unique approach! The first call is always free and is between 30-45 min. During this call she will have a casual chat, answer any questions you may have, and do an energy reading with a text follow up.  It’s up to you where that goes! No obligations.


Choose your Package

Donita can do single sessions or a variety of packages. There are options for additional tools.  The tools are chakra education and energy work tools. Think chakra stones, essential oils, book, bracelets and crystals. She also holds retreats 3-4 times a year. She is also available to book for workshops and speaking events.

Meet Donita Wheeler

Energy therapy enhances health and well-being by harmonizing the energy field in and around the body. I used a particular removal technique that removes lifelong accumulated energy. Once the stacked energy has been removed, we use talk therapy and educational development to keep the energy balanced and moving, helping the client shed their unhelpful behavioral patterns.

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Energy Elevation Workshop 
Join Donita in her Workshop beginning  September 11, 2023 at 10am PDT

Please allow 24-48 hours for a personal response, from me directly, thank you! 

Thanks for registering to our my workshop. See you there!

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